02 September 2022

UQ strike!

This week we talk to NTEU state secretary Michael McNally about the industrial action being taken at UQ and other Queensland universities.

Outro song: Realpoltik by Worker & Parasite

Unionise the bookstores

This week we talk to Josh Cullinan, Secretary of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union about the campaign at Readings, where the boss is reneging on a promised wage increase.

Interview starts at 29:58

28 July 2022

Young workers fight back!

This week we spoke with Martin from Young Workers Hub about their campaign against the Mantle Group.

Songs of Working Life and Death

Episode from 5 July

his week we talk to Phil Monsour about his upcoming Songs of Working Life fundraiser to support the medevac refugees who have finally been released from detention. We also talked about Phil's trip to Chicago to visit the Labor Notes conference.

In our second hour we talk to Neil from the Brisbane Labour History Association to talk about their upcoming tour of the Dutton Park cemetary and its working class history. It will take place at the cemetary at 2pm on the 14th of August.

Second interview starts at 34:04

Outro song: Let Them Stay by Phil Monsour

Rock, roll, and land rights

Episode from 28 June

This week we talked to Shane Howard, lead vocalist of Goanna, about their music and their politics, along with some live music in the studio. Goanna is celebrating 40 years since the release of Spirit of Place with a tour across the continent.

Outro song: Solid Rock by Goanna

27 July 2022

So-called department of housing

Episode from 14 June

This week we talk to Workers Power regular Andrew from the South East Queenland Union of Renters about their upcoming anti-eviction blockade.