27 July 2019

IWW Meanjin/Brisbane - Marxism 101

Penny from IWW Brisbane put on a Marxism 101 class.

1]Introductions about Karl Marx. 0min - 2min
2]Here comes Hegel! 2min - 11.50min
3]Hegel on the French Revolution. 11.50min - 14.50min
4]Bring on Napoleon! 14.50min - 16.50min
5]Young Marx finds Hegel. 16.50min - 19.45min
6]Marx is a newspaper editor (and writes The Communist Manifesto). 19.45min - 21.50min
7]Here comes Engels! 21.50min - 23.20min
8]1848 Revolutions. 23.20min - ?
9]Humans are social workers, labour is creative. ? - 29.50min
10]Materialism creates society – Base & Superstructure. 29.50min - 31.10min
11]Why do we have classes? 31.10min - 35.50min
12]The emergence of the state and revolt. 35.50min - 37.30min
13]History is made of class struggle. 37.30min - 39.20min
14]Ruling class contradictions and Adani. 39.20min - 41min
15]The fa├žade of democracy - The state exists as a result of ruling class power. 41min - 44.05min
16]Class conflict exists everywhere in society, it's normal and irreconcilable. 44.05min - 46.45min
17]There are more than two classes. 46.45min - 47.45min
18]Historical Materialism vs Hegel. 47.45min - 49.50min
19]Examples from the French Revolution. 49.50min - 53.05min
20]The English Civil War breaking away from Feudalism. 53.05min - 55min
21]Industrial Revolution. 55min - 56min
22]Profit is the unpaid wages of labour. 56min - 1hr 1min
23]Reinvest in The Machine. 1hr 1min - 1hr 6.40min
24]Examples of the Fall of Profit – Destroy the Machine. 1hr 6.40min - 1hr 8.10min
25]The Crisis of Over-Production or Market Saturation. 1hr 8.10min - 1hr 13.30min
26]Australian Economic Crash. 1hr 13.30min - 1hr 15.40min
27]The other sites of crisis and the alienation of labour. 1hr 15.40min - 1hr 18.15min
28]Need to expand my markets!! Capitalists have a structural inability to solve collective issues like climate change. 1hr 18.15min - 1hr 19.20min
29]Karl Marx is an arsehole. 1hr 19.20min - 1hr 22.15min
30]Class consciousness, mobility, and meritocracy. 1hr 22.15min - 1hr 27.30min
32]Socialisation of labour. 1hr 27.30min - 1hr 29.30min
33]Marx on how to make a revolution (or not). 1hr 29min - 1hr 37.20min
34]Open house debate, economic reductionism, Abraham Lincoln, ecology, artificial scarcity, and more! 1hr 37.20min - 2hr 10min