13 August 2019

Deebing Creek documentary and MUA action at DP World

Today on the show we spoke to Maritime Union of Australia delegates, Craig and Matt, from DP World and Hutchinson terminals at the Port of Brisbane. We discussed the current EBA negotiations occurring at DP world, as well as got updates on conditions and struggles happening down at the port. We also talked about the solidarity efforts being taken to deepen the ties between Hutchinson dock workers in Australia and Indonesia, through affiliates of the ITF Dockers.
Once again the MUA demonstrating why they are our favourite union - leading the way in the effort to build international solidarity between workers of the west and the global south!

We Also talk to Terry Royan about the documentary he has made about about Deebing Creek mission, being screened this Saturday at Banshees Bar & Artspace in Ipswich at 6pm. Find out more at Save Deebing Creek Mission.

Songs played
Bruce Springsteen - Promised Land
Kev Carmody -Thou Shalt Not Steal
Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
Roo - Malicious Delicious

Radiothon Variety Show - 14th August 11am - 5pm at 4ZZZ
Deebing Creek documentary screening - 17th August 6pm at Banshees Bar
Picket to #MakeRideshareDrivingSafe - 19th August 9am - 5pm at 252 Montague Rd, West End
30yrs after Fitzgerald - Respect Inc - 21st August 1:30pm at Parliament House, Brisbane
Raise The Rate!! Scrap The Card! - 31st August 1pm - 3pm at Queens Park, Brisbane
Disgruntled Day - 7th September 2pm at Club Greenslopes