24 December 2019

All I want for Christmas is decriminalisation of sex work

This Christmas Eve we are talking to Eva from Decrim Qld about the reality of sex work, the laws regarding sex work in queensland, the difficulties and dangers they pose to sex workers, and the campaign for decriminalisation of sex work. We also talk a bit about the intercourse between sex work and feminism.

Songs played
Billy Bragg - The Internationale
Thelma Plum - Better in Blak
Emily Wurramara - Black Boy
K.Flay - Blood In The Cut
Cardi B - Money
Phantastic Ferniture - Fuckin 'n' Rollin
Some Jerks - A Million Girls
Roo - Malicious Delicious
Valley Latini - Pay My Rent
Yothu Yindi - Treaty

17 December 2019

Organising paramedics (not ambulance drivers).

Left to right - Jaxom, Dan, Debbie, Feargal

This week we are joined by Debbie, lead organiser for paramedics in the United Workers Union, and Dan, delegate for UWU and a paramedic himself. We discuss the experiences of paramedics on the job including violence and mental health issues, as well as the experience of organising paramedics.

Songs played
Midnight Oil - Cold Cold Change
Bwgcolman Mob - Time Will Tell
Nickelback - When We Stand Together
Strawbs - Part Of The Union
Billy Bragg - There Is Power In A Union
WAAX - Same Same
Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost
Zounds - War/Subvert
Warumpi Band - Secret War
Bitumen - Twice Shy
Last Quokka - Privilege

16 December 2019

Follow up interview with Bob Carnegie.

Left to right - Bill, Feargal, Bob

Janet Burstall from Workers' Liberty in Australia recorded a follow up interview with Bob Carnegie to explore further the ideas that were brought up in our show in November. And we were all too happy to host it on our website.

10 December 2019

A very striking week. UWU fights the rotten PMFresh, and First Union cottons on to Cotton On in NZ.

Left to Right - Bill, Imogen, Feargal

This week we are joined by Imogen, who is an organiser for the United Workers Union, to talk about a potential strike at PMFresh, which supplies salads to various businesses such as Hungry Jack's or Woolworths. The strike has now been called off as all the demands were met.
We also talk to Ben, who is an organiser for First Union, to talk about the Cotton On workers' strike.

Songs played
Strawbs - Part Of The Union
Thelma Plum - Better in Blak
Indigenoise - Shrap
Billy Bragg - There Is Power in a Union
Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Tape/Off - Work Xmas Party
The Stress of Leisure - I Wanna Be Adult
Endless Summer - Full Power Happy Hour
Split Enz - I See Red
First Beige - Desire
Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty

04 December 2019

Workers Power debut

No guests but plenty to talk about. With action from CFMEU - Construction & General, MEAA, AMIEU Queensland Branch, Independent Education Union - Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, and a special report on lots of action from the new fighting union United Workers Union including a Scallywag looking for redemption. Our Scallywag of the week is perfect example of one rule for us and one rule for them. We also have international struggle and local events. Phew! You can see why we need 2 hours.

Songs played
The Clash - Something About England
Warumpi Band - Blackfella/Whitefella
The Mob - Speak With Me
Class War - Killin Us
Ausecuma Beats - You Never Know
Glomesh - Factory Heart
Redskins - Unionise
Adele & The Chandeliers - German On My Mind
Majestic Horses - Call You Out
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man