04 December 2019

Workers Power debut

No guests but plenty to talk about. With action from CFMEU - Construction & General, MEAA, AMIEU Queensland Branch, Independent Education Union - Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, and a special report on lots of action from the new fighting union United Workers Union including a Scallywag looking for redemption. Our Scallywag of the week is perfect example of one rule for us and one rule for them. We also have international struggle and local events. Phew! You can see why we need 2 hours.

Songs played
The Clash - Something About England
Warumpi Band - Blackfella/Whitefella
The Mob - Speak With Me
Class War - Killin Us
Ausecuma Beats - You Never Know
Glomesh - Factory Heart
Redskins - Unionise
Adele & The Chandeliers - German On My Mind
Majestic Horses - Call You Out
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man