26 February 2020

International Working Women's Day and the UCU strike

We are joined this week by Sian from Feminist Action to talk about International Working Women's Day, a day of protest against the patriarchal society that oppresses us as well as a day of celebration of the victories working women have had against it in the past.
We also hear from an old friend, Feargal! He's barely left the plane and has already gotten himself into trouble, with the UCU going on strike at 74 universities across the UK.

Songs played
Warumpi Band - Blackfella/Whitefella
A.B. Original ft Thelma Plum - ICU
Adele and the chandeliers - Love you more
Cable Ties - Self-Made Man
Apparations - Atlas
Good Boy - Extended Heavy
Life without buildings - New Town
Kim Salmon and the Surrealists - Non-Stop Action Groove
Mitch, Please - Rubbish
flangipanis - In the bin
Pixies - Debaser
The Double Happiness - Spooky Tiki (Theremin Remix)

18 February 2020

Climate Crisis National Day of Action

This week we are joined by Alex from Climate Justice Alliance Brisbane to discuss the Climate Crisis National Day of Action event this Saturday. We discuss the idea of climate justice, and creating an alliance for climate justice.
We are also joined by new member of the Workers Power team, Michael! Michael is a journalist for Independent Australia, so we are very excited to bring his experience into the show.

Songs played
Mudhoney - In 'n' out of grace
Archie Roach feat. Sally Dastey - Tell me why
Apparitions - Atlas
Cable Ties - Self-made man
Eliza & The Delusionals - Swimming pool
Good Boy - Extended heavy
Martyr Privates - Carnage in the kool aid
Paul Kelly - Sleep Australia Slepp
Dropkick Murphys - Boys on the docks
The Strokes - Take it or leave it
flangipanis - In the bin
Mitch, Please - Rubbish

11 February 2020

Cultural appropriation

This week we are joined by First Nations worker and activist Delta Kay who chats with us about the appropriation of First Nations culture by businesses such as souvenir shops, why it is a problem, and what we can do about it. Find more of Delta's work at Culture Aware.

Songs played
Faith No More - Epic
Baker Boy ft Jess B - Meditjin
Boomalli ft Hazy - Fuck the system
Archie Roach - Charcoal Lane
Mitch, Please - Rubbish
flangipanis - In the bin
The Double Happiness - Spooky Tiki (Theremin remix)
Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass
Cable Ties - Sandcastles
Chakra Efendi - Ego Death
Pixies - Debaser

04 February 2020

Dockworkers making waves

This week we are joined by Paul Petersen, assistant secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia - Queensland branch, to talk about strike action being taken against Hutchinson Ports, as well as international solidarity among dockworkers organising in the International Dockworkers Council.

Songs played
R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Archie Roach - Tell Me Why
The Saints - Swing for the Crime
Last Quokka - Colony
Gang of Four - Ether
Magic Dirt - He-man
Dicklord - Moll on the dole
Alex the Astronaut - I Think You're Great
Dead Kennedys - Take This Job and Shove It
Iota - Triplespoon