31 March 2020

Class conflict exposed by the pandemic

No interview this week, but we have plenty of news stories showing how COVID-19 has exposed the inherent contradiction between the interests of the workers and the interests of the owners. Such as Macca's leaving their workers in the dark about a positive COVID case, and prisoners fighting back against being left to die at the hands of the virus.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:00:00
Budd - Handle it 0:02:29
Dee Kay - I'm a g 0:13:25
Kev Carmody - Thou shall not steal 0:17:39
Cable ties - Anger's not enough 0:29:28
Good boy - Extended heavy 0:43:39
Rage against the machine - Settle for nothing 0:46:23
Faith no more - Evidence 0:50:24
Regurgitator - Eye, Zombie 1:03:16
Tumbleweed - A darkness at never never 1:06:26
Cable ties - Tell them where to go 1:18:16
The double happiness - Wild Bikini 1:21:47
The Hard Ons - Midnight 1:24:48
Voiid - Sour 1:37:08
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:40:21
Magic Dirt - Ice 1:45:42
Cog - Real life 1:51:36

Mutual Aid and QCU's Michael Clifford

On this episode of Workers Power we were joined by Michael Clifford, General Secretary of the QCU, to discuss their response to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as how they're dealing with the government's response (starting at 50m48s). We were also joined by Hannah to discuss the mutual aid groups popping up around Australia and the world (starting at 1h20m38s).

Songs played
When our turn comes - Bring back the green bans 0:00:00
Archie Roach ft Sally Dastery - Tell me why 0:14:13
Thelma Plum - Better in Blak 0:17:22
Paul Kelly - Sleep Australia Sleep 0:24:19
Midnight Oil - No time for games 0:32:17
Phil Monsour - Still need a union 0:36:49
TISM - I drive a truck 0:40:47
The Saints - I'm Stranded 0:42:55
Alex the Astronaut - I think you're great 0:47:01
Hugo Stranger & The Rattlers - Hold on 1:11:41
Cable ties - Hope 1:13:58
Class war - Class Consciousness 1:33:12
Magic dirt - Ice 1:35:09
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:47:55
Chakra Efendi - Morphine 1:52:55

18 March 2020

Anti-Viral Action

No interview this week, but we have plenty of news from workers who are standing up and fighting back in the face of our current pandemic, including recent developments at Deebing Creek, communities coming together in mutual aid, and a potential rent strike.

Songs played
The Mark of Cain - Lockdown 0:00:00
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:04:01
DeeKay - Descendants of the curse 0:12:15
J-Milla - Unlock the system 0:19:17
Class War - Class Consciousness 0:28:44
Cable ties - Self-Made man 0:34:36
Mitch, please - Rubbish 0:43:35
Rage against the machine - Take the power back 0:55:58
Flangipanis - In the bin 1:11:50
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:12:27
Midnight Oil - Cold Cold Change 1:24:14
Good boy - Extended Heavy 1:27:43
Steve Ludkin - Photo Op Pollies 1:36:36
The Strokes - Is this it? 1:46:00
Dicklord - C U Next Tuesday 1:48:26

10 March 2020

When Our Turn Comes EP launch

This week we tried but failed to interview Kane from When Our Turn Comes, a Melbourne 5-piece band that explores issues like systemic racism, tackling neo-nazi groups, everyday economic struggles, union politics, and the climate crisis. But don't worry, we still have an exciting show full of workers fighting back from Australia to Latin America.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Bring Back the Green Bans 0:00:00
Baker Boy ft Jess B - Meditjin 0:14:17
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 0:17:14
When our turn comes - Citadel 0:20:59
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:31:10
Being Jane Lane - Be Okay 0:41:01
Cable ties - Self-Made man 0:43:58
Chakra Efendi - Lady in white 0:47:37
Steve Ludkin - Photo Op Pollies 0:56:57
Flangipanis - In the bin 0:59:23
Use no hooks - Do the job 1:13:29
Class war - Class Consciousness 1:23:02
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:32:42

03 March 2020

International Working Women's Day special

Left to right - Justine, Dani, Sally, Hannah, Dani

We have a special all-women episode this week to celebrate International Working Women's Day this 8th March. As such we have guest co-host Dani from No Apologies on 4zzz. Our first guests (starting at 39m40s) this week are Linda and Kirsten from the United Workers Union, to talk about organising early education/childcare workers. Our second guests (starting at 1h08m20s) are Justine from The Services Union, and Sally and Dani from the Community and Public Sector Union, to talk about women's issues in their organising work.
Come along to IWWD this 8th March.

Songs played
Glitoris - Slut Power 0:00:00
Thelma Plum - Better In Blak 0:09:06
Being Jane Lane - Be Okay 0:12:15
Cable Ties - Self-Made Man 0:15:13
Class War - Class Consciousness 0:20:42
flangipanis - In The Bin 0:27:19
Lexicon - Greatness 0:27:55
The Double Happiness - Spooky Tiki (Theremin Remix)0:34:52
Good Boy - Extended Heavy 0:37:00
The Grates - Science Is Golden 0:46:57
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 0:49:50
Eliza & The Delusionals - Swimming Pool 0:53:32
Leanne Tennant - Everspin 1:04:54
Majestic Horses - Signal 1:19:03
The Slits - Typical Girls 1:34:10
Alex Lahey - Sucker For Punishment 1:43:34
Bluss - Shut Up Becky 1:45:56