31 March 2020

Class conflict exposed by the pandemic

No interview this week, but we have plenty of news stories showing how COVID-19 has exposed the inherent contradiction between the interests of the workers and the interests of the owners. Such as Macca's leaving their workers in the dark about a positive COVID case, and prisoners fighting back against being left to die at the hands of the virus.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:00:00
Budd - Handle it 0:02:29
Dee Kay - I'm a g 0:13:25
Kev Carmody - Thou shall not steal 0:17:39
Cable ties - Anger's not enough 0:29:28
Good boy - Extended heavy 0:43:39
Rage against the machine - Settle for nothing 0:46:23
Faith no more - Evidence 0:50:24
Regurgitator - Eye, Zombie 1:03:16
Tumbleweed - A darkness at never never 1:06:26
Cable ties - Tell them where to go 1:18:16
The double happiness - Wild Bikini 1:21:47
The Hard Ons - Midnight 1:24:48
Voiid - Sour 1:37:08
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:40:21
Magic Dirt - Ice 1:45:42
Cog - Real life 1:51:36