10 March 2020

When Our Turn Comes EP launch

This week we tried but failed to interview Kane from When Our Turn Comes, a Melbourne 5-piece band that explores issues like systemic racism, tackling neo-nazi groups, everyday economic struggles, union politics, and the climate crisis. But don't worry, we still have an exciting show full of workers fighting back from Australia to Latin America.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Bring Back the Green Bans 0:00:00
Baker Boy ft Jess B - Meditjin 0:14:17
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 0:17:14
When our turn comes - Citadel 0:20:59
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:31:10
Being Jane Lane - Be Okay 0:41:01
Cable ties - Self-Made man 0:43:58
Chakra Efendi - Lady in white 0:47:37
Steve Ludkin - Photo Op Pollies 0:56:57
Flangipanis - In the bin 0:59:23
Use no hooks - Do the job 1:13:29
Class war - Class Consciousness 1:23:02
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:32:42