28 April 2020

Some more news

This week on Workers Power we have First Nations artists sharing their art online, the CPSU supporting casual workers who have been shafted, Monash students organising for their rights online, a strike at Amazon, and more. And as always we'll have the scallywag of the week.
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Songs played
When our turn comes - Bring back the green bans 0:00:00
Phil Monsour - We will go home 0:13:56
DeeKay - Gotta Get Out of It 0:22:31
Kev Carmody - Thou shalt not steal 0:26:35
Sycco - Nicotine 0:31:35
Dicklord - Boring 0:38:56
Coalfalls - Stephenson Street 0:42:18
Alex the Astronaut - I think you're great 0:54:54
Cable Ties - Tell them where to go 0:58:41
Flirt - Cheeky Velvet 1:11:04
Class Consciousness - Class War 1:14:02
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 1:22:10
Flangipanis - In the bin 1:25:54
The Broken Girls Club - Rum Song 1:31:27
Violent Soho - Pick it up again 1:34:41
The Disgruntled Taxpayers - Where's my toilet roll? 1:41:53
Voiid - Sour 1:47:11

21 April 2020

Ongoing governmental scallywaggery

More stories this week showing that the government spares no thought for the workers. Including the illegal detention of Aboriginal people, a thwarted attempt to privatise the visa system, and the cutting of the notice period required before a vote on EBA changes. We also have other stories such as worldwide prison revolts, and nurses winning their pay.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:00:00
Warumpi Band - Blackfella/Whitefella 0:10:09
DeeKay - Gotta Get Out Of It 0:14:35
Sycco - Nicotine 0:18:39
Coalfalls - Stephenson Street 0:29:03
Violent Soho - Easy 0:33:19
Being Jane Lane - Be Ok 0:40:40
Cable Ties - Tell them where to go 0:43:37
Eliza & the Delusionals - Just Exist 0:55:02
Velociraptor - Sleep with the fishes 0:58:56
Thelma Plum - Better in blak 1:06:48
Good boy - Extended Heavy 1:09:59
Mardi Lumsden - This is forever 1:23:49
The Stress of Leisure - Interesting Times 1:27:48
Voiid - Sour 1:36:30
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 1:40:12
Flangipanis - In the bin 1:43:55
The Disgruntled Taxpayers - Where is my toilet roll 1:49:40
Dicklord - C U Next Tuesday 1:52:12

14 April 2020

The government does not care. We, the people, must help each other!

This week we have a whole bunch of stories of the government screwing over workers in response to the pandemic. Including sending pigs into remote communities without them undergoing quarantine, leaving education workers without sufficient pay, and planning to sacrifice workers for the sake of economic growth.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:00:00
Baker Boy - Move 0:10:55
DeeKay - Time for sum akshun 0:13:37
Violent Soho - A-Ok 0:22:40
Cable ties - Tell them where to go 0:25:19
Phil Monsour - Better Work Better Life 0:33:05
Dicklord - Boring 0:41:58
Glitoris - Slut Power 0:45:21
Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist 0:59:30
Good Boy - Extended Heavy 1:03:25
The Cassingle - Brisbanes Burning 1:14:45
Mitch, Please - Rubbish 1:22:40
Roo - Cold Comfort 1:27:28
Thelma Plum (Ft David Le'aupepe) - Love and War 1:31:31
Voiid - Sour 1:40:23
The Disgruntled Taxpayers - Where's My Toilet Roll 1:44:06

08 April 2020

The workers will defeat this virus, while the rich hide in their private hospitals.

We continue from last week with even more stories showing that the working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life. Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organise as a class, take possession of the means of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the Earth.

Songs played
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:00:00
Dee Kay - Im a G 0:9:21
Baker Boy - Move 0:13:36
The Disgruntled Taxpayers - Where's my toilet roll 0:19:49
Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist 0:27:35
Cable ties - Anger's not enough 0:36:56
Arse - NRVSNRG 0:42:42
The Meanies - 10% Weird 0:54:50
Minor Premiers - Hawaiian Holiday 0:56:22
Stella Donnelly - Beware of the Dogs 1:07:15
Use no hooks - Do the job 1:10:47
Thelma Plum - Better in Blak 1:16:43
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:23:40
Voiid - Sour 1:28:40
The Mark of Cain - Lockdown 1:36:00
Dicklord - C U Next Tuesday 1:43:04