26 May 2020

50th Episode!

We've come a long way over the last year and today we reach our 50th episode! That's 50 episodes of bringing Meanjin news for the working class, by the working class, and we're looking forward to another 50. This week we've got a bunch of news from our retail and hospitality workers, and more.

Starting today we're going to be editing the music out of this version of the show, this will give our more time sensitive listeners something a bit easier to fit into their days, and it will be more fair to the musicians, who ought to be paid for their labour. However, do not fear music lovers, to listen to our full show you can head over to https://workerspower4zzz.blogspot.com/. This website also has an RSS feed so you can plug it into your favourite podcasting app.

19 May 2020

Rank and file fights back against NTEU

This week we are joined by Izzy and Fran, who are rank and file members of the National Tertiary Education Union, to talk about the NTEU Fightback campaign. This is a campaign to vote no to the NTEU's National Jobs Protection Framework, which threatens to cut the pay of workers by up to %15 under the guise of protecting jobs. You can follow the campaign and find out how to get involved at their facebook or twitter.

Songs played
REM - Cant get there from here 0:00:00
Steve Ludkin - Black History 0:15:23
Briggs - Extra Extra 0:20:23
Dianas - Going Gone 0:23:17
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:36:19
Cable Ties - Hope 0:49:52
Amyl and the Sniffers - Im not a loser 1:00:02
Sonic Youth - Youth against fascism 1:05:06
Idles - Television 1:12:05
Float Therapy - Gaffer Tape 1:28:45
Krave - Alchemy 1:33:49
Sycco - Nicotine 1:43:49
Dicklord - C U Next Tuesday 1:50:35

12 May 2020

Vale Jack Mundey

This week on Workers Power we celebrate the life of Jack Mundey, a unionist and communist who was a leading figure of the BLF's green bans. We also talk about a mine explosion that injured five workers, a plan to help the suffering arts industry, the battle against the fascist Turkish state, and more.

Songs played
Dicklord - Boring 0:00:00
Class War - Class Consciousness 0:03:23
Baker Boy - Move 0:13:22
Deekay - Gotta Get Out Of It 0:16:04
When Our Turn Comes - Bring Back The Green Bans 0:24:50
Phil Monsuer - Better Work Better Life 0:36:10
Coalfalls - Stephenson Street 0:48:07
Atlas - Apparations 0:53:25
Cable Ties - Tell them where to go 1:06:25
J-Milla - Unlock the System 1:14:19
Steve Ludkin - Black History 1:22:54
Violent Soho - Easy 1:33:18
Waax - FU 1:46:31

05 May 2020

Solidarity, now more than ever, is necessary for survival

This week on Workers Power we have some hopeful news for Indigenous prisoners in Victoria, an example of mutual aid from Sydney, and workers sticking together to fight bosses from Australia to Vegas. We've also got a scandalous scallywag of the week.

Songs played
Billy Bragg - There is power in a union 0:00:00
When our turn comes - Break the rules 0:02:46
Baker Boy - Move 0:17:14
DeeKay - Time for some akshun 0:19:56
The Stress of Leisure - Interesting times 0:26:01
AB Original ft Thelma Plum - ICU 0:38:21
Good boy - Extended Heavy 0:54:18
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Blues X Man 1:01:09
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists - Non Stop Action Groove 1:04:43
Glitoris - Slut Power 1:13:57
The Broken Girls Club - Rum Song 1:18:56
RVG - Asteriod 1:32:15
Sycco - Nicotine 1:34:43
Violent Soho - Easy 1:42:27
The Disgruntled Taxpayers - Where's my Toilet Roll? 1:49:31