12 May 2020

Vale Jack Mundey

This week on Workers Power we celebrate the life of Jack Mundey, a unionist and communist who was a leading figure of the BLF's green bans. We also talk about a mine explosion that injured five workers, a plan to help the suffering arts industry, the battle against the fascist Turkish state, and more.

Songs played
Dicklord - Boring 0:00:00
Class War - Class Consciousness 0:03:23
Baker Boy - Move 0:13:22
Deekay - Gotta Get Out Of It 0:16:04
When Our Turn Comes - Bring Back The Green Bans 0:24:50
Phil Monsuer - Better Work Better Life 0:36:10
Coalfalls - Stephenson Street 0:48:07
Atlas - Apparations 0:53:25
Cable Ties - Tell them where to go 1:06:25
J-Milla - Unlock the System 1:14:19
Steve Ludkin - Black History 1:22:54
Violent Soho - Easy 1:33:18
Waax - FU 1:46:31