28 July 2020

Solidarity saves lives

This week we talk to Jorgen, the Queensland CEO of Mates in Construction, about their work in preventing suicide in the construction industry and elsewhere.

21 July 2020

the unemployed workers special

This week we talk to Jayden from Anti-Poverty Network, to talk about APN and their role in the LIFE campaign. And later in the show we talk to Col Davies from Fair Go For Pensioners, to talk about that campaign as well as the LIFE campaign.

16 July 2020

They're coming for the crates.

This week on Workers power Jaxom brings you an update directly from the front lines of the Kangaroo Point blockade, we share a story from Michael Williams about the Black Lives Matter movement, we give an update from the green ban in Parramatta, as always our scallywag of the week where we have yet another story showing that there is no law for the rich, and more.

07 July 2020

Getting irate at polluting big business

This week Bill talks to Jim Dodrill, president of Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments, about the work IRATE does in Ipswich and their campaign against a proposed incinerator in the area.