27 October 2020

all cops are bastards

This we week we are again talking to Jayden about anti-poverty network in order to promote their upcoming forum, which will be talking about strategies to fight job agencies. We also have the pleasure of premiering the latest party message from Worker & Parasite, Realpolitik. To support the Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy, which is currently under attack by the Victorian Government, visit this page for info.

20 October 2020

Down with Queen Bajrasudhabimalalakshana

This week we do not have a guest, but we will be talking about the class action case in WA for Indigenous workers to be compensated for the slavery they were held in, a protest against Mark Latham's transphobic bill, the movement against the Prayut dictatorship in Thailand, and more.

13 October 2020

You dip your bread in our blood

Trigger warning: There is a description of injuries recieved as a result of rape at 31:55 to 32:40.

This week we talked to Nadine Chemali, who is a writer, academic, and community worker, about recent government actions that attempt to further cloister Australia from non-white refugees.

06 October 2020

Sex workers surviving the pandemic

This week we are again joined by Janelle from Respect Inc to talk about the work that Respect does, the struggles that sex workers have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the campaign for decriminalisation in QLD. To support sex workers in these times you can donate to this fundraiser, organised by Scarlet Alliance.<