06 November 2020

Public Forum: How We Fight JobActive

This is the recording of the forum which we talked about two weeks ago in an interview with Jayden from Anti-Poverty Network QLD. The static at the start only lasts a couple minutes.

Event description: The crisis is here. Our ponzi scheme of an economy has been chugging along with the gap between rich and poor getting wider every year. Those of us at the bottom have been relying on a welfare payment that hasn’t been raised in 24 years, back when rent was an average of $160 per week. And since 1998 a cabal of parasites has profited from our misery and desperation. While one in five children go without breakfast, Max Employments’ revenue was 420 million last year. While 120,000 people are homeless, Sarina Russo added a $2.175 million dollar property to her already bloated portfolio. While we were left with $40 a day, before rent, bills and food, to live off, taxpayers paid JobActive providers 6 billion dollars to hassle us and cut our payments. Now, the crisis is here, millions more have been thrown into this system, with more sure to follow them after Christmas when JobKeeper is cut.

Everyone has a story of a job agency abuse. Every person who has been through this system knows they only exist to funnel government funds into private enterprise. Everyone knows they don’t actually help you gain employment, in fact, their assault on our dignity and mental health usually has the opposite effect.

Join Anti-Poverty Network QLD as we discuss this wretched JobActive system, and more importantly, as we launch the fight back against it.