22 December 2020

Who will be scallywag of the year? You decide.

Who should win scallywag of the year?
Rio Tinto – Destroying caves sacred to First Nations people.
Justin Hemmes, Merivale group owner - $126 million dollar wage theft, 100 hour work weeks.
Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO – Wage theft, thousands of redundancies, COVID unsafety.
Serco – Running the refugee concentration camps.
Christine Holgate, former AusPost CEO - $7mil bonuses while firing workers, running a public asset like a business.
Coles – Putting workers at risk of catching the coronavirus, screwing over workers replaced by automation.
Maccas – putting people to work in 50 degree heat, putting people to work in a pandemic.
Billionaire Andrew Forrest – In charge of cashless welfare card policy.
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