25 May 2021

The union makes us strong

This week we have no guest but we have plenty of workers actions, including a victory for bakers at tip top, doctors fighting for the right to sleep, even more dockworkers fighting for Palestine, and more.

19 May 2021

Disrupt Land Forces!

This week we talk to Margie Pestorius from the Disrupt Land Forces campaign which aims to shut down the upcoming Land Forces expo that is happening here in Meanjin on 1-3 June. We also talk about how the weapons industry functions as a part of society, which gives us a foothold from which to stop it.

Outro song: New Song by Benjii

11 May 2021

No war but class war

This week we have no guest but we have plenty of workers actions, including First Nations workers fighting back against QTMR and Adani, Hospital workers on strike against privatisation, a victory for West Papuans and the ensuing crackdown, and a discussion on the upcoming meeting to form a tenants union.

04 May 2021

The colourful history of May Day in Meanjin

This week we have Jeff Rickertt from the Brisbane Labour History Association on the show to talk about the history of May Day in Meanjin. We cover the origin of the event in the struggle for the Eight Hour Day, Meanjin's first Eight Hour Day commemoration, the international origins of May Day, May Day history as a story of the ALP versus the 'outsiders', and more.

Outro song: Pig City by The Parameters

May Day special!

As a very special episode and collaboration with Megaherzzz we are taking you to the May Day rally in Meanjin that happened today. We talk to the workers and find out what May Day means to them. Later on we have an interview with Katherine from No Cashless Debit Card and Jayden from APN. And then we go live to some speeches in Common House about the work that our comrades are doing to bring about liberation.

Outro song: cover of The Internationale by 刘欢 Liu Huan 袁娅维 Tia Ray 吉克隽逸 Jikejunyi 孙楠 Sun Nan