22 October 2021

Protecting our homes

This week we talk to Diane, who is a guardian of Djaki Kundu, about the battle of the Kabi People against the Department of Transport and Main Roads to prevent the destruction of their sacred site. In the second hour we talk to Sian from SEQUR, the South East Queenland Union of Renters, about the organisation and its fight for housing.

05 October 2021

The anti-vax movement, the unions, and fascism - an anarchist and historical analysis

This week we have two interviews, in our first hour we talk to Tommy from Geelong Anarchist Communists, and Iswedd from Anarchist Communists Meanjin, about the anti-vax protests in Naarm, especially their relation to the CFMEU and unions in general. In our second hour we talk to Jeff from the BLHA about the history of the fascist organisation the New Guard, and what we can learn from it about the fascist influence on the anti-vax protests today.

Outro song: You'll Always Lose In Melbourne by When Our Turn Comes