13 January 2022

Revolutionary QLD - The history of the Red North

This week we talk to Neil Frost from the Brisbane Labour History Association about the Red North, that rebellious period of North Queensland history which began in the 1920s and culminated in the election of Communist Fred Paterson to the Queensland Parliament as the Member for Bowen. In those years the North was known as a centre of radicalism, with militant strikes, campaigns against fascism, movements of the unemployed and the growth of the Communist Party.

02 January 2022

SEQUR's first campaign and the anti-anti-vaxxers

This week we talk to Iswed from SEQUR and CARF about SEQUR's ongoing campaign against Little Real Estate, who left one of SEQUR's members without a working bathroom for months. We also talk about the work CARF does to counter the anti-vax movement.

01 January 2022

Save Our Bowlo and the history of the IWW in Queensland

This week we talk to Robyn from Save Our Bowlo about the campaign to stop the destruction of the East Brisbane Bowls Club, a community and arts centre which the council has deemed "underused and unnattractive". We also talk to Jeff from the Brisbane Labour History Association, about the history of the revoltionary union, the IWW, and the union organising it did in Queensland (starts at 30:40).